7-11s and Humidity 

We awoke this morning in Nakhon Sawan. While the room didn’t have a coffee maker, my morning was jump started more successfully when I reached for the tp, and a gecko scurried out; cute little devil. 

We start riding from the Sakthong Resort, which isn’t exactly anywhere near city center and we have a big day in front of us: we need food. Shortly, we spy a roadside restaurant that we promptly pull into: fried rice for breakfast! It was glorious with freshly fried egg generously mixed in. Grab some more water and snacks and we are Kampheng Phet bound!
It’s hot and humid out, but riding feels better than standing around as we have a built in breeze. Legs are feeling great, but the heat dictates frequent stops are needed. 7-11s are everywhere in Thailand and that is much appreciated as they are air conditioned in addition to them having tasty snacks. Nicole gets a flat, it’s a reminder that Mondials aren’t bullet-proof and that there is a lot of debris and litter on the sides of the roads. Change flat, roll out. A storm is brewing rapidly, ride until we can’t. Pull over under a structure to wait out the heavy stuff. We wait for about forty-five minutes and we are back on our bikes. We roll into 3 J Guesthouse without further incident after a little over 120km. 

We rent a scooter on the following day as it’s time to give the legs a break. We use the motor bike to transport us to the KhongLan waterfall: a 300 foot fall that was incredible. We return to Kampheng Phet for a buffet dinner and rest.

On June 5th we enjoyed a pleasant 100km ride to Sukhothai. The 101 was a slightly smaller highway than the 1 and full of rolling hills. Upon arrival in Sukhothai we enjoyed a local dish known as “Sukhothai Noodles” that was fantastic and a visit to the Sukhothai Historic Park. 

The following day we rode to Phitsanulok early to catch a train to Chiangmai. 80km in the bag by noon and we wait through more train hiccups. We finally board a train a little after 2am in a sleeper car for the ride. 

When I awoke the next morning, we were traveling through absolutely beautiful terrain. I get suckered into an overpriced breakfast and we arrive in Chiangmai. It’s been an amazing trip thus far. 


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