Riding on the left side of the road. 

This journey began many moons ago, but now the rubber meets the road. We left Kama with a twinkle in our eyes and legs that were fueled and ready. The ride through Bangkok streets that more closely resemble alleys was beautiful, polite controlled chaos continued as we made our way to the train station: the best way out of Bangkok. While a ‘ordinary’ ticket was only 30 Baht, our bikes would cost 100 Baht a piece. The train ride itself was enchanting, observing life exist in a way that is a little simpler than what we’re used to. We arrived in Ayutthaya with enough time to explore the town including the Historical Park that dates back to the 1300’s. We stayed at the Ayutthaya Youth Hostel and deemed that A/C was certainly worth the extra 150 Baht. Our stay promised a complimentary breakfast, which we would later learn included: white bread, a toaster and ‘sausage’ (hot dog). Load up toast with butter and we’re on our way. 

June 2nd presented its first variance from the original plan: we’ll jump on a train again to leapfrog Singburi and buy ourselves a day. 25 KM to the train station in effort to get to Nakhon Sawan. The express train we intended to catch doesn’t allow bicycles, no problem, we book the ordinary train that leaves in an hour and a half. Take bikes to the luggage office a bit before out train is scheduled to leave, but there’s no parcel car attached, it’ll be up to the onboard officer… shit, denied. Another train coming in two hours with parcel car, instructed to check back and they’d radio the train to ensure space is available. When we check back we learn the train is broken down. Thankfully, we’ve had a bar to wait at with WiFi. Check back, wait. Repeat. After a dashed hope of a midday express train being an option we load our bikes and selves onto a train after about seven hours at the station. 

The train was an enjoyable ride with great views including our first views of mountains, farmlands and passing a Wat with a ton of monkeys hanging out. We experience the first rains we’ve read about, heavy, but only lasting for an hour or so. 

We arrive in Nakhon Sawan after dark and attempt to get to our booked room, only to find that where G**<[e maps thinks Sakthong Resort would be, no resort, it is is nothing more than a neighborhood filled with dogs, dogs that are less than thrilled with our presence, some were behind fences, many were not. We see a light on, maybe they can help. No English spoken but a crude map is drawn: it’s more than we had. We ride some more, see another light, pull over at another hotel for directions. She speaks English but doesn’t know where the resort is, but they have rooms available. “We have already paid for our room at the resort”. She calls the resort to get directions, agitation on the phone and a conversation that takes longer than it should. She will lead us there on her scooter. We try to stay at her hotel, but it doesn’t seem like the idea of disputing a credit card charge will translate. We follow her: four wrong turns, three stops for direction clarification & one fuel stop later and we arrive. Despite the clerk having no records for our booking, we’re shown to our room. It’ll get sorted in the morning. A cold beer is in order. 


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